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10 Businesses You Should Try as a Nigerian Student



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Some of the very best home based businesses were featured prominently on the page: Top 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas. This page is a continuation of that one.

Therefore, if it is that 1 best home based business idea that will cut it for you in your proposed home based business that you are looking for, you just might find it on this one.

You may also take a look at the home based business ideas page for an expanded listing of home based business ideas.

Find below the additional 10 best home based business ideas that you can choose from for your home based business.


1. Mobile Games

Top on the list of the 10 best home based business ideas is mobile games. People everywhere, young and old, simply love games.

If you used to think that the playing of mobile games is limited to children alone, then you are wrong. Full-grown adults love playing mobile games too. So, it would seem that as far as mobile games are concerned, people never grow up.

Some people can even play games on their mobiles all day long – sometimes even forgetting to take their bath or have their meals due to being engrossed in the games.

Personally, when I am not working, l love playing mobile games myself. The “real football” is the mobile game that I love playing the most.


It is not a passion for me, but simply a means of relaxation when I am not working (which is almost all the time). But, all the same, l love and enjoy playing games on my mobile.

Therefore, setting up a home based business targeted at people who play mobile games can be a huge success on the internet. The only drawback to this idea is that people who you target will be busy playing their mobile games and may never have time to visit your site!

Consequently, you could focus on internet games as a viable alternative.

2. Food Recipes / Catering Services

Perhaps the greatest idea among the 10 best home based business ideas is food recipes. Even if people have no money to engage in other activities, they will always eat. So, this could form the basis of your home based business.

Additionally, you could also combine catering services to the cooking and food recipes services which you offer in your home based business.

Hence, your home based business could encompass the teaching of various food recipes and also the provision of outdoor catering services for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

Your expanded food recipes / catering services home based business idea could also include baking and supply of various snacks to local businesses in your area.

This is another best home based business idea. If you already operate a small catering business offline, then you have a perfect idea for your home business.

If that is the case, you could give it an online presence and target internet users in your local area, state or country.

3. Planning a Wedding / Wedding Decorations

The third idea that is considered here of the 10 best home based business ideas is planning a wedding. People get married every day. They also look for information on how to make their wedding as great and memorable as possible.


Hence, this is a great idea for a home based business. So, setting up a home based business centred on planning a wedding to take care of the wedding plans of interested clients is worth considering for your home based business.

4. Baby Names or Baby Care

Another great idea for a home based business is baby names or baby care. The reason for this is that a lot of parents, especially those having their first child are usually excited at the prospect of giving a name to their newborn baby.

To this end, they excitedly search the internet for outstanding and unique names that they would give to their newborn babies. This makes this another great idea for a home based business.

On the other hand, you could give this niche a different twist by creating a home based business centred on how to care for tender babies and baby care products. If you have a great passion for children, you just cannot fail with this home based business idea.

5. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is No. 5 of the 10 best home based business ideas on this page.

One remarkable thing about reseller web hosting is that it is a great work at home business opportunity that you can engage in with very little capital.

As a matter of fact, with approximately N20,000 (Nigeria Naira) or $150 (USD), your home based reseller web hosting business can take off to a flying start.

Properly managed, this home based business idea can become a huge success within a very short time. Honestly speaking, this could just be the 1 home based business idea that you have been searching for all your life.

6. Event Management

Event management is another 1 of the best home based business ideas that you could adopt for youe proposed home business. Like planning a wedding, event management encompasses all events, be it wedding, burial, birthdays and other special occasions.

However, to be successful at the event management niche, you need planning and organising skills. So, if you are very good at planning and organising events, this could cut it for you for your proposed home business.


7. Consulting Services / Outsourcing

Consulting services / outsourcing is another great idea for your home based business.

If you have practical experience in certain spheres of human existence or some special skills, then one of the best ways to make money is by providing niche industry consulting services.

You could offer your special services on both your website as well as register with other websites requesting for these services.

You could start by creating a blog and start to post information about what you know and your special skills and services. Offer to help people by providing knowledge. You can also promote yourself and your business by answering questions on other sites, blogs and forums.

Once people recognise you as an expert they will begin to develop trust in your services and recommendations, and you can start leveraging that trust to make money by offering services and consulting in your niche.

8. Online real-time tutorials and lessons

Offering online real-time tutorials and lessons in a particular, say computer training online, could be a great idea for a home based business.

Additionally, you could take advantage of online free resources like Google+. The incredible resources for video conferencing and online hangouts available on Google+ makes it the perfect tool for carrying out this specialised service to people online.

You could plan it in such a way that people can sign up on your website and access live tutorials and lessons, possibly followed by some live questions and answers session for added interactivity. You could also offer one hour video lessons online too.

By charging reasonable fees and providing excellent services, you could end up having thousands of students attending each lesson.

9. Love and Relationships

Love makes the world go round. Everyone, responds to love. Just imagine the power of a smile. A smile is infectious. So too is love.


Whether you like it or not, a common bond which will continue to bind the human race together is love. People will go into new relationships. They will break up with their partners. People will get married. And they will get divorced too.

In all of these experiences and phases of life that they pass through, people would want to receive excellent advice to be able to adjust to the different emotions which each phase of life impose upon them.

Therefore, if you have passion for love and have practical experience and very knowledgeable too on love and relationships, this could be the subject of your home based business.

10. Interior Decoration

Another great idea for a home based business is interior decoration.

If you already operate an offline interior decoration business, you could give it an online presence by creating a home based business centred on this niche.

They key to success in this niche is being knowledgeable and having practical experience in the subject. Consequently, your home based business could be tailored towards creating the largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas online.

The foregoing are the 10 best home based business ideas that you could adopt for your proposed home business. However, the home based business ideas available are limitless and this list is by no means exhaustive.

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