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3 Ways We Can Build and Nurture Friendship



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Friendship is not something I take liberally. People I call friends, are people that are dear to my heart. In fact if I consider someone a friend, I no longer call them their real names, I always add something extra to their name, like ‘bella’, ‘buns’ ‘splash’ ‘boo’ whatever or I call them animal names like ‘rat’, ‘chicken’, ‘lizard’ etc. I don’t just call someone I just met a friend, a friend to me is someone that I can relate with very well, I can joke around with and be serious with simultaneously. Someone that is there for me when needed, someone I trust, a family member can be a friend, like my mum is my friend, and yes! She has been exempted from the “name-giving” rule.

These three guidelines are things that I have used over the years and they have worked very well and has helped me build great relationships with my friends.




Communication is very key in friendship and in relationships generally. If you look back over the years, people you call friends are people who are around you or even if distant, they are people who you communicate with regularly. With the daily advancements in technology, there are various ways you can keep in touch with friends.  Friendship is a two-way thing, it’s give and take. As you try to communicate, the other person should make efforts to do same. If we look at relationships today which are in jeopardy, about 70% of this is due to lack of communication. Communication issues don’t even have to occur over long distances, even if you live in the same house, lack of communication could destroy your relationship.

Basic things such as checking up on people, finding out how they are faring no matter how busy your schedule is, is very key in building any relationship.



In building any friendship, respect is very important. I am referring to both respect for yourself and respect for the other person or persons involved. Nobody enjoys being disrespected. It doesn’t matter how playful a person is or how free a person is, it is important to respect the person. If the person has some values which you are aware of, respect it, no one enjoys being taken advantage of. If the person does something which you are not comfortable with, it’s better to make them aware of it rather than disrespect them. If you call someone your friend, you should be able to open up to them and let them know exactly how you feel. Honesty also helps in building respect, and respect is a vital part of any relationship.



We need to be honest with our friends, I mean brutal honesty. You can’t call someone your friend and not be honest with them. Some things require caution, but try to be ‘cautiously’ honest. For example, if it concerns personal hygiene, do your very best to let your friend know about the anomaly. You should not allow your friend walk around with bad breathe or a body odor. The same goes for a friend with a wrong attitude, bring it to their notice in the nicest way possible so that it does not seem confrontational. The bottom line is, be transparent with whomever you call a friend.


I hope I have been able to help someone with these guidelines. One major guideline which encompasses these three is love. If you love someone, communication, respect, loyalty or honesty won’t be an issue. You would care for the person enough to even do more. You would apologize when you have hurt them, and forgive when they hurt you.

Pick up the phone and call someone today, try to re-unite with a long lost friend, try to say sorry to someone you have hurt and try to forgive someone that has hurt you.

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