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Benson Gives a Sparkle of Life to Ikwuano



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There are a time and a season for everything upon the face of the earth. There is no doubt that it is the time of celebration and the season of jubilation in the whole of Abia State and in Ikwuano particularly.

The people of Ikwuano for years have prayed, hoped, desired and wished for that day, when they will be remembered, and be provided with that important source of life-water, as having portable source of water, has always been a mirage, many have given up hope, and others have concluded, water project is not meant for us, prompting them to live with the notion, that having portable water is something that will never happen in their lifetime according to some elders.

It was not surprising then to see both the old and young, men and women, children, all and sundry, roll out the drums to celebrate what has eluded them for many many years. Friday, 27th of December 2019, a no ordinary day, will forever remain indelible in the hearts of all and in the lives of the people of Ugwuegbu Autonomous community in Ariam/Usaka clan, in Abia State, as the Obugwu water projected was commissioned by HRM Eze Nwagwu Ambrose donated by Pharm (chief) Onyekachi Benson.

According to Chief Onyekachi Benson, a former governorship aspirant in the 2019 general elections in the state, who donated the water project, said he was motivated to bring sparkles in the lives of the people, as water according to him, brings life and sparkles, so there is no better time than in the season of celebration to bring that all-important sparkle to the lives of his people.

He used the occasion to advocate for good governance in the state and promised to bring meaningful developmental projects to the people if given the opportunity to serve in the next general elections.

The commissioning of the water project was attended by many illustrious sons and daughters of the state, within and outside the state. HRM Eze Nwagwu Ambrose used the occasion to thank Chief Benson and called on other sons and daughters, to emulate chief Benson, by initiating projects that will take away shame from the community and in the process, make the community the envy of other community.

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