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Five Things You Should Know About Technology Startup



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First of all, I will like to explain what technology startup means, any idea that can be implemented through continued use of technology in order to develop a viable business that solves the pressing need of its users. this is what I called technology startup.


Today, in this post am going to explain five things you should know about technology startup

Five Things You Should Know About Technology Startup

1.Technology startup can be built by anyone with an idea
Anyone with an idea that has the right market can start a technology business, arm with the right mindset
you can start this thing even with the smallest feature set of your idea, one great advantage of this kind of technology it allows you to do things that don’t scale like you can use WordPress with it abundant of plugins to hack out the first the feature set of your idea.

2. Technology startups are main to disrupt the traditional way of doing things
Take a look at the technology startup we have around in Nigeria, the are basically disrupting the traditional
way we do things, look at guys at suregift with their incredible innovation that disrupt the way we share our gift, konga and jumia let us placed an order of your goods right in your bedroom and have it deliver to your home, allowing you to booked any hotel inNigeria from the comfort of your room, what about irokoTv that give you access to premium Nollywood movies is an affordable way making it easy for you throw those crack DVD, how cool is, now this is what I call innovative disruption.

3. It all about moving as fast as you can to get things done.
One thing that separates mainstream business and tech startup is basically the ability of startup to implement their ideas very fast without any long over due process, anyone in your team is free to drop ideas that can improve the business and it will be discussed openly and implement quickly and see the response of users, and from there you can validate  the ideas base on the data you got.

4.  A technology startup is not as glamorous as the mainstream media tend to showcase it.
Mainstream media tend to showcase technology startup as something that is full of fun and easy but I tell startups
are really heard, with every day you are faced with a new problem, you have to iterate over a dozen business model before you get the right one that works for you. and among all this iteration you are bound to face some problems along the way, coupled with the environmental factor around us, but is there any option.

5. Innovate or die
if you look at they way big technology companies, you will find out that the are constantly bring in new innovation at not a no hole back must know that innovate or die is the rule of startup, you must constantly come up with good innovation that solving the need of your target audience if you really want to stay ahead of your competitors



Every day we are faced with a new problem, and it the duty of entrepreneurs to solve this problem, with technology anyone with the right mindset and setup and run a technology business in this age of ours.

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