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How to Start Palm Oil Plantation Business in Nigeria



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If you’ve been searching for how to start palm oil plantation business. Advice on how to go about with your intended palm oil plantation business. Then you are welcome to this webpage, here, you are going to learn and know more about palm oil plantation business. How to start palm oil plantation, palm oil plantation business plan sample and more.

One of the fastest selling products in the agricultural industry is palm oil, being that it is an essential condiment for cooking, people can’t cook without palm oil right? If you have an underdeveloped land, it’s high time you started palm oil plantation business and make your money.

Starting your palm tree plantation business today will not only fetch you money selling the processed palm fruits (palm oil). If you have the farm, you have the advantage of making money in diverse ways from the palm trees.

Ways such as: broom production, which is often made from palm tree leaves (palm fronds), selling of the fruits to various palm oil drilling mills. Almost all parts in palm trees are useful.

The trunk, and the palm fruits which are processed into palm oil, palm kernel, palm kernel oil, palm fronds which is used for the roofs of mud houses in some villages.

Now you can see the numerous products you will have to sell when you start your palm oil production business today. So what are you waiting for?

In most African countries, the red palm oil is domestically on a very high demand, even industrially; where palm oil is used for making of cosmetics & soaps, as well as palm kernel; these are all made from the same fruit (palm tree).

Now the big question is: how do I start my own palm oil plantation business? If that is your quest overtime, read on, as I will be sharing with you what you need to get started with your palm oil plantation business.


Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan.

Once you hear the phrase “palm oil plantation” it has to do with the plantation of palm trees. It does not necessarily mean that you must proceed the palm fruits yourself. You can sell the palm fruits to the manufacturers when it’s time for harvest. The manufacturers will process the fruit into their desired product, be it palm oil, or palm kernel oil; whatever product they want.

In agriculture, palm tree is classified under perennial crops. What this implies in that, your palm tree farm will continue to generate money to you for years to come.

Note: palm tree plantation business is not a type of business you start today and hope to have the profit tomorrow as it will take time for your palm tree to grow and start bearing fruits. Though you can still make quick money from this business, but the secret is that you must buy an already established palm tree farm.

So what really do I need to have in place before thinking of how to start palm oil plantation business?

Just like any other business, there are things you need to put in place before you think of starting. Today’s topic doesn’t sound like a business because of the word “plantation” right? But take it from me, it’s a business because if requires every other thing required by any business, such as; capital, location (land) and other things.

You will need a large piece of land in a strategic location to get started in this business, though the size of the land depends on how much you can afford.

It’s not all about acquiring the land for the business, but to know if the land is fertile enough to take care of what you intend to use the land for. If you are not very good at examining if the land is fertile enough, experts in that field can help with that. Just to be sure the type of land you are acquiring for your palm oil plantation business.

Another thing about acquiring a land for this business is that it must be easily located by your customers. Just like any business is recommended to start any business near its target market, so is this palm oil plantation business.

Because your farm is your factory, it must be located where vehicles can also gain access to the factory (the farm). Because people will be buying the palm fruit in large quantity while their vehicle will convey the palm fruits from the farm to the processing sites.

Most of the buyers will be using vehicles to convey the palm fruit, so make sure you get a good location. You can get a large land in the heart of town, though it may be a little bit expensive. Remember “nothing good comes cheap”.


After you acquire a land in a good location, prepare it for the palm oil plantation. It’s recommended that you use bulldozers to bulldoze the land and uproot hard roots to prepare the land for your palm tree seeding, though you can buy nursed seeds if you cannot or do not want to seed them yourself.

In this stage of the business, you don’t need permanent staffs, but you need to hire workers who will help in the operation of the bulldozers, planting of the seedlings or the nursed seeds. After the plantation process, you will still need another set of workers who will be taking care of weeding on the farm. Also, each time you need to harvest, you’ll need these workers.

Like every other business, you need capital to get started. The capital is going to take care of the land, the seedlings, paying of the workers as well as maintaining the farm.

Having chatted what you need to get started with your palm oil plantation business, below is the analysis of palm oil plantation business:

Analysis of Palm Oil Plantation Business

Here is the analysis and other things you need to know about palm oil plantation business:

  • A seedling will cost you about $1
  • You need at least 2000 seedlings for a start
  • Plant the seedling in a fertile and already prepared land
  • There must be a space between each plant, else, the roots will obstruct each other, thus, causing weakness in the growth of the plant as well as its yielding capacity
  • You need to apply fertilizer and weed the farm as at when due, this is to ensure that the plants are breathing well

After investing all of these; when I’m going to reap the fruit of my labor (harvesting)? Well, you should start harvesting between 2 to 3 years if you put all of the above listed tips into best practice.

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