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Imagine driving miles on an appointment to see someone only to get there and be told that the person in question is no way near or is fast asleep and wouldn’t be disturbed.

Flee! And never look back.

Some people just don’t respect your time; don’t ever hang out or do business with them. Ever! Cut them loose. Am usually the give-them-a-benefit -of -doubt kind of person. I have always found ways to make excuses for people’s inefficiencies. If someone fails on an appointment with me, I just assume something happened to scupper their plans; Lagos traffic, they lost their way, family issues. Etc. But time and time again, they have gone on to prove me wrong; I never should have given them a second chance. Shared this with my friend and he actually feels that sometimes you may have to give second chances; he called it Fairness!

Truth is, that’s the way most people are; People who don’t respect your time once will do it time and time again. And time is our most valuable resource.
You need to act like your time is valuable, or people will think otherwise. People won’t respect your time if you don’t respect your time. Imagine these people have been invited for a job interview with the company of their dreams; they wouldn’t get there a second late. Let your time be respected.

But then we can’t remove the speck in someone else’s eyes when we have failed to remove the log in ours. You need to learn to be on time on always; to meetings, appointments, functions and for God’s sakes no African time. Let people know you as someone who really respects their time and they will start to treat you same way.

Don’t give someone a time you can’t keep. Sometimes at work, people will try to make you do their work like you don’t have your own responsibilities, give them a time that is comfortable for you. A time you know you can keep. Don’t just try to please them only to have them breathing down your neck later on when you have not delivered on your promise; Learn to push back.

Also don’t push people to a corner with your demands, respect their time. Agree a time that is comfortable not just for you but for them as well.

Be lighted this week.

By StreetotNG

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