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The national leader of Borgu Emirate of Nigeria Bola Tinubu has obtained new uncommon name Jagaban.

Meaning of Jagaban: Facts You Don't Know
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

It was Halliru Dantoro the Emir of Borgu who gave him such title.

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But what is the meaning of Jagaban? 

Meaning of Jagaban: Facts You Don't Know

Jagaban meaning in accordance with linguistic studies According to the words of Emir this name means “Leader of warriors”.

As for the dictionary that means, it is a warrior or a person heads a leader position. Someone who embodies the faith, wisdom, power, kindness, and perfection.

The world Jagaban is a slang phrase, it comes from the underworld. It has no terrible meaning, as a substitute it expresses a strict but equitable leader.

The very word was coined from Tinunbu’s title of Borgu city. The phrase “Ja a gabar Borgu” way a pacesetter of Borgu city.

Jagaban is outstanding name amongst political allies in Nigeria. The meaning of Jagaban Borgu isn’t always a easy political rank.

Meaning of Jagaban: Facts You Don't Know
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

The Emir gave this name to Bola Tinubu for unconditional service and time-examined leadership.

Emir of Borgu stated in his interview that Bola Tinubu was with him in lots of needed scenario for a long time.


Why is Bola Ahmed Tinubu Jagaban?

He was born in 1952 in Lagos.

In 1975 Bola Tinubu went to the USA to acquire higher education.

In 1979 he received a degree in accounting. After a while of working in America, he back in Nigeria in 1983.

Bola Ahmed commenced his career in Mobil Oil Nigeria.


Before the military take-over in 1993 he was a Senator of the west constituency of Lagos. Also, in this year, he became a member of National Democratic Coalition.

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In 1999 Bola Ahmed became elected governor of Lagos State.

He advised the Nigerians to unite for the sake of the country’s development. Bola Tinubu is an influential member of All Progressives Congress party.

He is also the holder of Asiwaju chieftaincies of Lagos, and Jagaban of Borgu Emirate of Niger State.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an owner of many awards and titles which includes Best Governor in Nigeria, Best Computerized Government.

He has the rewards for enhancing the environment and living conditions.

Now we are able to see that Mr. Bola is a leader indeed, therefore his title Jagaban is definitely justified. Such ranks are regularly extra vital than reliable political ranks.

The word Jagaban in popular culture The word Jagaban is a title of a well-known song of popular Nigerian rapper YCEE. His single “Jagaban” was incredibly liked by the fans and music critics.

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