My Dangerous Wife (2020) Season 1 Episode 1 Korean Drama

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My Dangerous Wife (2020) Episode 1  Korean Drama Download

Sim Jae-Kyeong (Kim Jung-Eun) is smart, kindhearted and wealthy. She is married to Kim Yoon-Cheol (Choi Won-Young). They have been married for the past 6 years. Sim Jae-Kyeong enjoys her happy marriage life with her husband, but she becomes involved in a mysterious kidnapping case.

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Her husband, Kim Yoon-Cheol is a popular chef. He has a good looking appearance and cheerful personality. He has an ordinary marriage life with his wife, but he feels Sim Jae-Hyeong is awful and gets bored with his marriage. Meanwhile, Jin Sun-Mi (Choi Yu-Hwa) works at Kim Yoon-Cheol’s Italian restaurant. She has a special relationship with Kim Yoon-Cheol. She will do anything to get what she wants.


My Dangerous Wife-Kim Jung-Eun.jpg My Dangerous Wife-Choi Won-Young.jpg My Dangerous Wife-Choi Yu-Hwa.jpg Yun Jong-Seok My Dangerous Wife-Shim Hye-Jin.jpg
Kim Jung-Eun Choi Won-Young Choi Yu-Hwa Yun Jong-Seok Shim Hye-Jin
Sim Jae-Kyeong Kim Yoon-Cheol Jin Sun-Mi Jo Min-Kyu Ha Eun-Hye
Lee Joon-Hyuk Jung Soo-Young My Dangerous Wife-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Baek Soo-Jang Kim Jae-Chul
Lee Joon-Hyuk Jung Soo-Young Ahn Nae-Sang Baek Soo-Jang Kim Jae-Chul
Seo Ji-Tae Kim Hee-Jung No Chang-Beom Song Yoo-Min Lee Jin-Soo
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Kim Yoon-Cheol’s Family

Kim Ja-Young My Dangerous Wife-Yoon Ye-Hee.jpg Lee Hyo-Bi
Kim Ja-Young Yoon Ye-Hee Lee Hyo-Bi
Jung-Soon Yoon-Hee Chae-Rim

Restaurant Staffs

My Dangerous Wife-Yang Joo-Ho.jpg My Dangerous Wife-Jang Mi-Kwan.jpg My Dangerous Wife-Seo Ji-Won.jpg
Yang Joo-Ho Jang Mi-Kwan Seo Ji-Won
Do-Hyun Jae-Jung Yi-Rang

Investigation Squad

My Dangerous Wife-Tak Woo-Suk.jpg Lee Dong-Jin My Dangerous Wife-Kim Jae-Rok.jpg
Tak Woo-Suk Lee Dong-Jin Kim Jae-Rok
Hyun-Woo Jin-Hyeok police station head


My Dangerous Wife-Shin Tae-Yang.jpg My Dangerous Wife-An Seo-Ha.jpg
Shin Tae-Yang An Seo-Ha
Chan-Yi San-Yi


My Dangerous Wife (2020) Season 1 Episode 1 Korean Drama Download

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