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Staying Ahead of the Game – Challenges Facing the Individual Investor in a Rapidly-expanding Market



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The stock market is an innovation that continues to re-invent itself by the day. In some quarters, it is perceived to be mankind’s most convenient (or inconvenient-depending on your risk tolerance) innovation to date.

We are looking at a macro-system whose indices are driven by such diverse factors ranging from the more trivial (such as political) factors, to the more complex formulae and models (such as multi-dimensional compounding models), all the way to the cloak-and-dagger world of investment information systems (how many schools do offer that?) …and we are also looking at a system that is in the business of producing high net worth individuals and financially successful people by the day…

For those of us who have been to the stock exchange branches Nationwide (and do not fully understand the implications of the complex ergonomics inherent in these institutions, I am wont to tell you all that a multi-billion Naira system driven by some of the most fearsome information systems (really biting the tail of the CBN and several other government parastatals in this aspect) with legions of professional s and non-professionals manning it-and with more than a third of Nigerian citizens (the number is actually increasing) currently coming to full awareness of its existence, the stock market is much more than Alice In The Wonderland.

I must, at this juncture state that although a vast majority of Nigerian investors are the passive type, it would be worthwhile if they could imbibe the habit of following the Nigerian stock Market-and it has nothing to do with your educational background .

Investment books will also help a great deal (Check this site) and it could also help if the individual belongs to an investment club-very essential if he must get the most and vital information regarding his investment(s). One way of doing this is to surf this site regularly-reading the posted threads and making salient contributions to online conversations. Interact actively with financially savvy individuals.

One problem which the beginner who is hungry for information, just like any other mentoring challenge, is the difficulty involved in finding a suitable investment mentor or guide (they can cost a fortune, if you are in a hurry).

However, the potential benefits of advice which will be offered far outweigh the cost of obtaining such advice. However, I must concur at this stage that the cheapest and most efficient manner of information acquisition is by constant surfing of sites like this (Tell me a better way). So, network.

Now on to something cold (I don’t like to do this.): Investment, whatever its specification, has a certain amount of risk inherent in it. The stock market is no in any way different in this aspect. You stand to gain in stock market investing if you follow the rules of the game and you stand to make a loss if your adherence to the fundamental principles is half-hearted or shabbily implemented (or maybe, you were fortunately unfortunate).

Follow the rules of the game (they hurt-especially if you are starting small). However, these rules are fully encapsulated in the Free E-Book which is currently on this site. You will be doing yourself a world of good if you download it, read it and apply the principles stated within.


Furthermore reading widely (and strategically ) is essential in mastering the market and its dynamics (I know of so many people who return a blank if they face a TV screen showing AIT’s The Money Show or the Business Section of the news. Seek information… and treasure it with all that you can.

Do your homework and watch money work for you.

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