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The top-flight of the English football league system is called the Premier League. It was founded in 1992 as the FA Premier League after the Football League First Division clubs decided to break away from the original English league that was founded in 1888.

The Premier League is the Football League with the most number of spectators in the world. The Premier League has seen 49 clubs take part so far. However, only six teams have won the league title and they are Manchester United, Chelsea, ArsenalManchester City, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City.

Every year, the last 3 teams on the table are relegated to the English first division league and the top 3 teams from the first division are promoted to the Premier League.

Premier League – Record Winners

Winners Number of Titles
Manchester United 13
Chelsea 5
Manchester City 5
Arsenal 3
Blackburn Rovers 1
Leicester City 1
Liverpool 1