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Top 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas in Nigeria



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Indeed, home based business opportunities abound on the internet. But, finding the 1 best home based business idea that will cut it for your online business is not an easy task. Therefore, this article examines 10 best home based business ideas that you can choose from for your home based business.

The top 10 best home based business ideas that you can use for your online business are as follows:

1. GSM Phones and Their Uses

Top on the list of the top 10 best home based businesses is GSM phones and their uses. You will be surprised at how ignorant many people in Nigeria are with respect to the use of their mobile phones.

Hence, this could be a great idea for your online business. Matter of fact, a home based business that is centred on the common features and use of various mobile phones will quickly become popular on the worldwide web.

Therefore, if you find this subject captivating enough, you could set up a home based business with the following domain name: However, take note that this is a very competitive field and you must be passionate about your mobile phone in order for you to succeed with this home based business idea.

On the other hand, if you find that you are not passionate about mobile phones do not have an indepth knowledge about the subject, it is not advisable for you to venture into this field.

2. Football

Are you a die-hard football fan? If you are, congratulations! You’ve just found the best home based business idea for your proposed home based business. Do you know why? It is because you are not alone.

People all over the world do not just love soccer, otherwise referred to as football. They are mad about the game. They follow English League, Spanish La Liga, EUFA Champions League and so on with so much passion that you would think that their lives depended on it.

Do you think you can set up a home based business in Nigeria with football as its central theme?


3. Photography / Artwork

Photography and artwork is another one of the top 10 best home based business ideas in Nigeria. People everywhere across the globe love artwork and photography. If only you know how much some people are willing to pay for a piece of artwork or photograph, you would waste no time to dive feet first into this home business idea without looking back!

Similarly, people upload a vast amount of photographs daily on social network media like Facebook, Instagram and you will indeed be amazed. This is exactly why the camera phones are very popular with a lot of people, especially young ones. Hence, if you know a lot of information about photography or you already engage in it part-time, this could be a great idea for your home based business.

4. Travel / Tour Guide

No. 4 of the top 10 best home based business ideas is travel / tour guide. People travel to foreign lands daily. They would appreciate any information that they can get on the country that they have emigrated to.

However, the operating word here is love or passion in order for you to be able to create a great online business on travel / tour guide. Hence, you must love or have a passion for the subject in order to be able to succeed with your home based business.

5. Faith Healing and Miracles

Religion remains the no. 1 money-spinning machine in the world, second only to prostitution. Do you not find that odd? Odd or not, there is absolutely no doubt about it that pastors are doing very well for themselves in the developing world.

Perhaps a reason largely responsible for this is the widespread squalor and poverty prevalent everywhere, especially in Africa where many households live on less than a dollar a day.

However, if you do not have the calling, you will be inviting the wrath of God on yourself for using the name of the lord to amass wealth for yourself as the best home based business idea that you can think of. On the other hand, if you are a genuine man of God, you could use this as the idea for your online business.

After all, money does not have to be the sole or major reason for setting up a home based business. Love for mankind is in itself a greater objective to inform the setting up of an information site, especially one that is religious in nature.

6. Health and Wealth

Another great idea for a home based business is sound health and healthy living. Many people are interested in making more money for themselves from their secular jobs. But they are also interested in getting sound health and enjoying their wealth without any adverse medical condition.

Without having a sound health, they cannot enjoy their wealth. So it follows that people will appreciate any information that they can find on improving their health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Prevention, like they say, is better than cure. So, the subject of sound health could form a great idea for your home based business.


Therefore, you could create an information site which focuses on alternative medicine to keep the body in top shape in order to prevent diseases from making inroads into the body. Additionally, presenting information on the connection between a healthy lifestyle and wealth, as well as how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is a great idea and can become a huge success within a short time.

7. Laptops and Their Uses

Idea No. 7 of the top 10 best home based business ideas is laptop computers and their uses.

More and more people, especially in Nigeria and other African countries, are desiring to become ICT compliant every single day of the week. In order to achieve this objective, they are acquiring laptops either through direct cash purchase or through payments by instalments.

Hence, an information site that provides information on the sources of getting brand new or fairly used laptops at rock bottom prices will attract a large audience across Africa and other developing countries.

On the other hand, you may decide to give your online business a different twist by focusing on the uses and maintenance of laptops. The suggested domain name for your site or home based business could be: or

8. Cultivating Simple Writing Skills

Another great idea for a home based business is developing basic writing skills. Most people admire the writing skills of others. This is why great novels of writers like James Hadley Chase and Harry Porter, can be bestsellers and still remain evergreen with people for many generations to come.

Therefore, developing a site that provides information on how to cultivate basic writing skills will quickly become popular and successful on the internet.

9. Publishing Your e-book and Videos

Idea No. 9 of the top 10 best home based business ideas is the publishing of e-books and videos.

As more and more people open home based businesses, the need to publish e-books and videos on their websites to improve the quality of their sites and also serve as a means of generating money from their sites eventually arises.

Therefore, if you know a lot of information about e-book and video publishing, you could set up a home based business to take care of this need.


10. Freebies

Perhaps the greatest idea of the top 10 best home based business ideas is a freebies website. To tell you the truth, freebies is an excellent idea for a home based business.

What is freebies? In local parlance, it is known as “oshofrey”. In other words, freebies is a term that has developed on the internet to mean any free item which is used as an incentive to get a desired action from visitors to a website. People generally love freebies.

They are attracted to it like ants are attracted to sugar. They love free mp3 music, free videos, free mobile games download, free e-books and other free stuffs that are made freely available on the internet. People also love free text messages, free calls and even free browsing credits. If air was not already free, they would have found a way of getting it for free too!

Hence, if there is a chance that people can get something which they greatly desire completely free and avoid spending their money to get it, they will do all they can to get it free.

Better still, a freebies home based business is not only a great way to attract visitors to your business, but it is also a way of developing trust and confidence in a freebies site by its visitors. Hence, people are more willing and open to buy from a site from where they have been getting things for free over a period of time.

This makes it a great idea for a home based business with a potential for generating huge amount in investment returns.

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