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Why Companies Should Take Office Infrastructure Seriously



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My friend and I visited a court in Jos. When we arrived there, we were greeted by the following observations:

  1. The building was archaic.
  2. The windows and doors were shattered.
  3. The ceiling had rot spots and holes on them.
  4. The walls had mosses growing on them.
  5. There was no computer system inside the office.
  6. A “dead” typewriter was abandoned inside one of the rooms.
  7. The office hall had few chairs.
  8. The secretary knew “ECOBANK” as “AKOBANK”.
  9. They gave us a written confidential document to get it typed at a business center across the street.
  10. We were all depressed.

My observations are sadly the norm across public and private firms in the country. In an attempt to sell products, beat competitors, make a profit and satisfy customers; companies forget to manage and advance their exterior and interior infrastructures. Most organizations, after initially investing money into the office building, furniture and stationery, they forget to maintain their office space and get used to “troubling” office conditions. This ought not to be. Consistent management and update of office building and stationary should be intentionally budgeted for.




Let’s consider why our office infrastructures should have regular face lifts and management.

  1. Customers will feel at home when they are inside your office: one essential reason I find myself visiting Guarantee Trust Bank again and again is due to their consistency in uplifting and managing their buildings, furniture, and services. Going into the bank gives me huge relief from the scorching sun as their offices and hallways are well air conditioned with comfortable chairs to rest my back. With their glistering computers and tables, life is gets enjoyable in there. I cannot ignore the beautiful workers who are always ready to help me out of my numerous complaints.


  1. Working within the office will be more effective: we all cannot deny the joy and energy rush we always have when working with a new toy/gadget. We normally want to keep it clean as any sign of dust would be intrusion on our happiness. People working in beautiful, well lit, airy technologically equipped offices work effectively than those who spend their day frowning and yawning to their distressing and depressing office space; badly arranged with ancient equipment. Improve the quality of your company’s infrastructures and watch your company grow.



  1. Office building, furniture and Stationaries will last longer: if care is taken by management to improve office infrastructures, the equipment will last longer as workers and customers will be gentle when using them. Create a department that will oversee the repairs and timely replacement of office equipment and watch how they will last longer than expected.


  1. Investors will be impressed with your managerial skill: everyone is impressed when they see tan organization properly care for and manage everything under their watch. This will indicate that the management is very meticulous with organizational operations within their radar.

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